Cannabis Strain


Cannabis is the most frequently use illicit substance in the United States. Cannabis or Marijuana is natural plant used for cure.

The flowers and leaves of this plantcontain chemicals called cannabinoids. Which produce cannabis mind alternating effects this high is cause by cannabinoids (CDB) or tetra hydro cannabis (THC).

  • Cannabis plant structure illustrated or right. Flowers of female plants covered with sticky,
       resinous trichomes.
  • Trichomes contain most of the 104 cannabinoids, Terpenes etc.
  • Benefits of THC and CBD:-
    Trichomes and cannabinoids found throughout the plant. Most concentrated I buds and flowers.
    THC is one of the main compounds within the cannabis plant. It is psychoactive.

It is responsible for high feeling that people talk about. THC proven to ease nausea, soothe pain, and can even help treat mental conditions such as anxiety and PSTD

  •  Antineoplastic
  •  Antispasmodic
  •  Analgesic
  •  Anti- nausea
  •  Appetite simulant
  • Sleep aid

It is natural occur chemical compound found in cannabis plant it is the one have 130 identify cannabinoids.

It is non – psychoactive. It can release stress. It can reduce anxiety

  •  Anti- inflammation
  •  Anti – anxiolytic
  •  Analgesic
  • Antioxidant
  • Uses of Cannabis:-
    Cannabis can be smoked, eaten or vaporized and comes in different forms.
  •  Marijuana
      It is use for smoking.
  •  Hashish
      It is smoked and eaten.
  • Hemp
      It is use in textile manufacturing.

Cannabis Strain:-

  • Cannabis Sativa
       Fiber, oil ,food
       Medical: Diverse compounds
       High biomass
  • Cannabis Indica
       Medical: high THC
       High yield per height
  • Cannabis Ruderalis
       Early flower, small size

Medical Cannabis:-

Cannabis is also known as marijuana. Is being used by many Canadian to improve symptoms of their medical conditions.

Including those over to 65 year of age are using cannabis every day and cannabis relief them from common problems like

  • Choric pain
  • Sleeping issue
  • Mind relaxing
  • Calming the body
  • Treating seizures
  • Prevent nausea

Information of Cannabis:-
Medicine of cannabis is plant that grow legally in Canada’s green houses just like other crops.

When the female plant mature it has flowers that contain two main active medication they called THC and CBD .

The flowers are use to make cannabis oil or dried . Each different strain contain different THC and CBD medication.

  • Cannabis make you more creative and focused.
  • Cannabis is legal in Canada and easily available in cannabis shop. You can also order cannabis online Canada.
  • Now it easy to buy medical cannabis online.
  • Cannabis increase the pulse rate and heart rate.
  • Cannabis increase appetite
  • Cannabis contain strong healing power for cancer patients.

In now days it’s easy to buy cannabis online. You can buy cannabis from cannabis shops and online cannabis store.

There are many online cannabis dispensary website offer online cannabis services.

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