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Weed Strain:-
Weed strain is Known as cannabis or Marijuana strain. These strains are Organized into three primary
types Each type of strain have unique properties for brain and body relaxation. Cannabis affect are
better protected cannabinoids, Terpenes,other compounds in the strain. Body chemicals, tolerance,
how much you consume and how you consume.
     • Sativa
       A sativa is a type of marijuana plant that will typically produce.
     • Euphoric
     • Energetic
     • Cerebral high
       Sativa-dominant strain trend to have a more grassy type odor to the buds providing an uplifting,
       high feeling of well-being and at ease. Uplifting and cerebral thought it grow 25Ft high. Sativa is
       commonly used to treat mental health and behavior. Issue such as depression and ADHD.
       Sativa plants best in outdoor and flowering time is ten to sixteen weeks. It height is long. Sativa
       is for day time.
       Indica plants are short height with wider leaves and have a shorter flowering cycles. Indica strain
       produce Dense and plump bud. Its flowering time is six to eight weeks. Indica is for night time.
       Effects of Indica
      Relief pain
       Hybrid can have features from either type and can be indica-dominant or sativa-dominant.
       Hybrid plant grow middle height. Hybrid is the mixture of two strain it contains both facts .
Popular Variety of Sativa:-
     • Sour Diesel
     • Jack Herer
     • Blue Dream
Popular Variety of Indica Strain:-
     • Purple punch
     • Northern lights
     • Bubba kush
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