Cannabis Shatter


Parent: Skunk #1

Similar to: Betty White, Green Crack, King’s Dream

Flavors: Sweet, Skunk, Tropical

Effects: Energetic, Euphoric, Creative, Uplifted, Happy

Medical: Depression, Fatigue, Stress, Pain, Headaches

Potency: 70-90% THC Content

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Buy cannabis Shatter online

Most online dealers buy cannabis Shatter online which is maKES utilizing high quality Sweet Skunk cannabis. Also, Skunk is link to the infamous Skunk #1 strain and offers many of the same flavors and aromas as its parent.

Sweet Skunk provides an energetic and creative head high and an overall relaxing body buzz making it a great daytime strain for those that suffer from pain or depression. Sweet Skunk Shatter can be enjoy by itself in a dab rig or concentrate pen or it can be consumes within a joint or bowl mix with your favorite dry ganja.

What Is The Consistency Of Shatter?

The ratio of terpenes is indicative of the consistency of shatter. Terpenes are sappy in consistency at room temperature and, when high amounts of terps are present, result in a more snap and pull concentrate – meaning, instead of breaking off like a shard of glass, shatter may stretch as taffy does when split in half. Additionally, higher concentrations of THCA can result in what’s call as “sugaring,” or crystallizing.

Because it’s more brittle in texture or pliable, some users view shatter as the easiest concentrate to manipulate. You can break off pieces with your fingers, which can leave a sticky residue on your fingers, or use a dab tool. Dab tools, also call dabbers, are specifically make to dose concentrates. Made of stainless steel or glass, the tool makes it easier to measure your dose and prevents any accidental burns when loading devices – but more on that in a minute.

Where can i get Shatter CBD?

If you read through a few shatter definitions online, you might think that all shatter concentrates are high in THC. Marijuana shatter is certainly most well-known for its soaring THC levels and its ability to knock even the savviest cannabis consumers off their feet, but not all shatter has to be high in THC. Some makers of cannabis concentrates have also begun producing CBD shatter.

CBD shatter is extremely high in cannabidiol (CBD) but has lower levels of THC. CBD shatter is liked by many medical marijuana users who want to experience the potent therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis concentrates but are less interested in the intense high caused by the levels of THC present in most concentrates.

How To Use Shatter

Most people use shatter in one of two ways: combusting or dabbing.


If you’re wondering if you can smoke shatter, the answer is yes. While it cannot be placed in a bowl or rolled into a joint on its own, adding shatter to smokable flower is one of the easiest ways to consume the concentrate.

Adding a chunk of shatter to a bowl or sprinkling into a joint as you roll is an effective way to consume the concentrate without purchasing additional devices – just be sure you don’t directly ignite the shatter. Doing so can activate the THC before you are able to inhale and enjoy the benefits. To maximize the dose, if using a bowl, pack a little flower, your intended dose of shatter, then more flower on top. For joints, be sure to add the shatter in the middle of your joint, not towards the tip or the crutch/filter.


Dabbing is a popular way for many medical marijuana patients to enjoy their favorite strains. When dabbing, cannabis flower is not use at all. Instead, dabbers inhale pure cannabis concentrates. Dabbers can choose from a variety of cannabis concentrates, including shatter, sap, wax, live rosin, and crumble. The Benefits Of Using Shatter

One of the main benefits of using shatter is that it delivers a strong and almost instantaneous effect. Dabbing or vaping shatter allows the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream extremely quickly, which enables them to deliver immediate therapeutic and psychoactive effects. Because cannabis extracts are so much more potent than normal cannabis flower, consumers are able to use much less product. Many people enjoy adopting this “less is more” mentality with their cannabis products.

How buy Store Shatter

Unlike cannabis flower, shatter is somewhat picky about how it should be stashed. If stored improperly, shatter may begin to break down and lose some of its original potency and flavor. Shatter should always be stored in a sealed, airtight container in a cool, dark room. To maintain the consistency, flavor, and potency for as long as possible, shatter should be protected from high or low temperatures, oxygen, heat, direct sunlight, and ultraviolet light. Most importantly, shatter should be kept cool at all times. Heat exposure causes the cannabinoids and terpenes in shatter to activate, which should only happen during consumption.

Buy Shatter Edible

As candy-like as it may appear, eating shatter is unlikely to produce any of the desired effects. Shatter relies on heat to activate its cannabinoids and terpenes. These chemicals are activated in a process called decarboxylation, the activation of compounds through heat. Shatter concentrate is specifically designed to be heated in a dab rig or a dab pen, which effectively decarboxylates the cannabinoids and enables them to enter your system.


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