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This Indica dominant breed hybrid sports glorious lavender and lime green leaves with glittery resinous buds. Created by blending Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG, you can enjoy the sedative effects of this potent hybrid, combined with an uplifting, cerebral buzz.


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This Indica dominant breed hybrid sports glorious lavender and lime green leaves with glittery resinous buds buy weed with bitcoin. This is Created by blending Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG medical marijuana.How can enjoy the sedative effects of this potent hybrid zkittle kush. Combined with an uplifting, cerebral buzz, Buy Do-Si-Dos Strains online.

Flowering Time: 8 to 10 Weeks
THC Content: 26 to 30%
Sweet skunky, earthy flavor with accents of fruit.

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Therefore this strain can inspire a sudden interest in all styles of dance, even the old-school square dance ‘Do-Si-Do’! Buy Do-Si-Dos Strains online.

Dominant Origins

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Parents of Do-Si-Dos Fem

GSC x Face Off OG

Typical Effects

Do-Si-Do has analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities that can provide relief to those seeking immediate relief from chronic pain and muscle tension. How to Buy Do-Si-Dos Strains online medical marijuana patients have a good result, do si dos strains effects.

Do-Si-Dos, named after one of North America’s most beloved cookies, is a strain that has been taking over the cannabis industry by storm. Originally created by breeding together the sweet and euphoric Girl Scout Cookies with the hard-hitting Faceoff OG, Do-Si-Dos is now easily recognized as a luxury craft-cannabis strain that is known for its potency and delicious terpene profile.

Buy Do-Si-Dos Strains online

Do-Si-Dos is an indica strain with qualities that are very similar to the notorious hybrid strain Girl Scout Cookies. Popping up in any and almost every reputable dispensary medical marijuana.

Furthermore The cross of these two strains blends together familiar OG kush-like aromas along with the sweet, earthy vanilla tones of GSC.

This heavy-hitting, sedating indica strain is known for its medical-grade therapeutic effects buy weed with bitcoin.

As its debilitating and calming body high and relaxing qualities. May lull you to sleep or derail any plans you might have for the day.

The potency and soothing effects of this strain makes it an excellent choice for those looking to ease chronic pain. Otherwise  Stress and even sleep-related disorders Buy Do-Si-Dos Strains online.

A slight and cookie dough.

Vanilla like sweetness from GSC blends. Therefore in with the alluring earthy and woody notes of Faceoff OG zkittle kush.

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