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Purple Animal Cookies by CannaVenture Seeds is an indica-dominant cross with beautiful coloration and potent effects. The strain was bred by crossing Animal Cookies. This leads to a sweet, earthy aroma and happy,


Purple cookies

Buy Purple Cookies strains low rate. So, the Purple Cookies strain and its on of best strain for pain. Otherwise A rare, evenly balanced hybrid purple mint cookies strain, it has a THC level of 19% and known for its tantalising sour grape aroma with ac-cents of earthy purple cookies weed, woody, herbal spice lvpk strain . Moreover this strain is known for having a sweet. Whereby sour flavour reminiscent of grapes purple animal cookies strain, nuts, and purple haze strain. It is easily recognisable by its spade-shaped nugs, which tend to be dark green and amber in colour and buy purple haze strain near me.

The Purple Cookies strain is ideal for users with low tolerance due to its slow-building, relaxing high. It tends to make users feel blissful yet calm. It is commonly used in the treatment of depression, nausea, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Buy purple cookies strains low rate

Like the flavour, the high immediately feels very clean and clear minded. The high starts off really light and I feel really settled and nicely chilled and buy purple haze strain near me. The high is definitely a bit of a creeper and as it builds. MoreoverI’m still feeling very relaxed how to purple cookies.  I also feel very productive, like I could get on with some work or something quite contently. Instead of working though, I’m just sat chatting with my good friend CBD Mick. We’re both chatting away agreeing that we’re both feeling pretty buzzed!

One thing that is noticeable is that as this high builds over time.The clear mindedness stays which is very pleasant. I feel so chilled, but still capable of doing anything which is rad purple haze strain! Buy Purple Cookies strains low rate and the best strain for pain.

So, overall I have to say this is one of my favourite indica strains that I’ve had in a while purple animal cookies strain. I think the grower would have played a big part in this purple cookies weed. As the strain is one of the cleanest smokes that I can remember. The sweet doughy flavour is lovely, even if a little bit subtle purple mint cookies strain.


Initially when inhaling, first tastes are sweet but not in correspondence to the smell how to purple cookies. This then moves on to more of doughy flavour, and you start to realise you can really taste the cookies in this  particular lvpk strain. On the exhale, there a hints of spice and pine that kinda reminds me of emulsion paint… Buy Purple Cookies strains low rate!

4 reviews for Purple Cookies strain

  1. scott420

    very good products.thanks for the easy delivery

  2. mil789

    awsome products. i just got to have a taste of it. i will order more from you guys thanks for the package

  3. Barbara T.

    We purchased some CBD oils, a bowl, and purple cookies. Fantastic delivery.highly recommended

  4. Andrew

    The most professional, friendly budtenders I’ve ever talk to online, consistent, high quality product. The best packaging and the most relaxing, uber-professional dispensaries in Colorado, by far. And they have a ton of locations. I was impressed.

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