Herbivore Edibles – Chocolate Bars

Herbivore Edibles Chocolate Bars. 2 bars per package & 50mg THC per bar.

Flavors include: Kookie Krisp, Swix, Racer, O’Herbie, Sneaker, Ponder & Martian


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Herbivore Racers Chocolate Bars

The next level in the chocolate peanut butter world is brought to you in Herbivore’s Racers Chocolate Bars. You will explode with joy at the deliciousness of your favorite chocolate combo! Racers Chocolate Bars are packed with quality assured THC that will knock you off your feet and right into a nice nestled position on your sofa. The high is powerful, to say the least.

Racers Chocolate Bars incorporates creamy peanut butter that smoothes over well with rich chocolate coating with THC thoroughly distributed without the piece. These chocolate pieces can help with taking the edge off and can be carried around discreetly. Although keep away from children as the round cup shape can easily be confused for a children’s candy. For adults though, this chocolate cup is a proactive way to fall into cannabis euphoria. As your high evolved after an hour of setting in, you will feel exposed to pure warmth and happy vibrations leaving you with a smile in the end.

Herbivore does their best to provide a comfortable and enthralling stoner experience. Racers Chocolate Bars are just another chocolatey adventure to add to their growing selection of chocolate cannabis-infused alternatives. You can determine your level of weed interaction with each bite and there are no overpowering sensations that will make you paranoid or feel off, although it is wise to use discretion with how much you intake in one session. One Racers Chocolate Bar is solid enough for you to get thrown into the clouds. Try them today.

Herbivore Swix Chocolate Bars

You have to love the humor in these yummy Swix alternative chocolate bars! That extra layer of velvety caramel that melts in your mouth makes these new THC combined chocolate bars all the more brilliant and delectable. Swix Chocolate Bars don’t just cater solely to your creamy sugar treats cravings. You are guaranteed a premium marijuana experience that takes you to where your mind, body, and soul need to wander. Herbivore continues to grow its chocolate and weed explorations in these tasty edible snacks.

There’s no telling when Herbivore will stop making amazing edibles, but trying the Swix Chocolate Bars means that you have found an awesome new solution to all of your stress and pain cures. Swix Chocolate Bars come in packaged and blend in well with any outside environment and make getting stoned on the low ten times more accessible. If you need a pick-me-up to get you through an all-nighter or a slow day at work, one of these chocolate bliss bites will calm your racing senses and bring you into self-awareness and in control of the rest of your day. Any edible session with friends will automatically be elevated to joyful and memorable moments to cherish. Expect loads of light and laughter.

Swix Chocolate Bars have a rich aroma and the taste alone will make for a great dessert after a filling meal. Marijuana-infused products have been making the rounds all throughout the weed world in Canada. Herbivore is not afraid to put edibles on the cannabis map and Swix Chocolate Bars is a brilliant way to keep the edible wave alive and going. With yummy chewy goodness, Swix Chocolate Bars will have you on the edge of your seat once you are through journeying through a whimsical high sensation. Enjoy one of these delicious chocolate and caramel pieces and fall in love with this creamy goodness all over again.

Herbivore O’Herbie Chocolate Bars

You know the moment you are about to blaze up and you see the fire ignite the flames of your bowl and you feel your defenses fall down? Well, this is that moment, just dripping in chocolate. O’Herbie Chocolate Bars are little cannabis nuggets of pure joy. When society imagines stoners, they usually assume air-headed dorks running a muck craving munchies, and while on these chocolate nuggets you are going to embrace that image and so many other alternatives. These chocolate bars are intense and fulfill your weed needs instantly.

Stoners need to have some classic edibles on hand, and O’Herbie Chocolate Bars can instantly become a classic edible to keep in your alternative medicinal toolbox. You will be able to drift off into ethereal space to face obscured curiosities and inspirational thoughts. There’s nothing wrong with finding the time and space to give yourself a much-needed break from reality and everyday existence. O’Herbie Chocolate Bars help you dive into that level of comfort and youthful exploration. These bars give the ultimate calming effects, additionally helping with stabilizing an upset stomach, increasing energy, and providing a progressive body and head high that will give you peace.

Excellent in flavor, O’Herbie Chocolate Bars veils you a blissful haze that calms your nerves and senses dramatically. These bars work well for anxiety and other mental illness symptoms as well! Herbivore is doing its best to lead the charge in supplying delicious, clean, and quality cannabis as a medicinal alternative that now comes in this delectable chocolatey form! Embrace the velvet marijuana nugget goodness today and you will have a new favorite edible that works like a charm.

About Herbivore Edibles

There’s something so naturally wacky about the universe of cannabis. Herbivore runs towards that wackiness and has designed a wide selection of excellent quality edible marijuana products. Located in Vancouver, Canada, Herbivore is leading the charge in creative and fresh edible goods. As mainstream culture continues to learn about the amazing benefits of Mary J, there are some visionaries like Herbivore that do their best to explore how to transform consumers’ experiences with weed. Herbivore takes a refreshing and youth approach to supplying cannabis patients and consumers with delicious and effective products. The increasing growing variety of tincturescandies, chewies, and syrups will dazzle you.

Herbivore has been around on the weed scene and in recent years has made their retro styles presence well known through Canada. They do a wonderful job of playing with humor and creating tasty chocolate bars and gummies that mimic larger named brand candy snacks. Herbivore makes these goods with the best THC and with their own recipe for delicious aromas, combined flavors, and new candies to experiment with.

The wide array of sugary blasts, cotton candy look alike fluffs, and syrups will have you foaming at the mouth for some delectable goodness. Since these wonderful delights come ready in these fun colored bags, using any of Herbivore’s products comes with the warning for keeping away from the kiddos. Some fruity gummies like Banana Blasts can easily be mistaken for a daytime fruit snack.

You don’t have to look any further for edibles that are going to get you pumped for your weed session. You can choose from retro-style fun dipped designs of colorful fruits, sugar-coated chewies, chocolate nugget pieces, and simple pastry rolls. And all these edibles come in some pretty dope vivacious colors that make you excited to dive in!

Herbivore is here for every single body. Even man’s best friend! There’s even an extensive line of growing THC dog treats that will help calm your pet at any time. Who knew that we would live in a world where Scooby-Doo and Shaggy could become a reality?! It’s about to become an even more hysterical world once you experience a gummy or try a chocolate caramel chocolate nugget. Herbivore continues to play around with potency and candy recipes that work for a multitude of physical and emotional purposes. These products work wonders for both recreational cannabis and patient cannabis users.

Taking Herbivore edibles and syrups with you to work, on a hike, on the road or before bed will transform your overall mood and bring you a joyful encounter unlike with other edibles. You won’t be bored and you will be smacked with some wild new flavors as well as some classic tastes of notorious weed combos like chocolate and THC or chocolate peanut butter and THC. Using these treats will make pain management more accessible. The potent doses of THC in each piece of these edibles elevate you to planet Mars. If you suffer from major depressive disorders or have chronic physical disorders like arthritis and or serve insomnia, Herbivore has got you covered! THC infused syrups like Herbivore’s Chocolate Syrup or Honey Syrups will pair well with milk or tea to provide you a general sense of calm and peace of mind during your fulfilling body high.

You can have Herbivore pastries as the perfect dessert to truly set the tone for the rest of your evening. Whether that involves a restful night in or something to take the edge off after a long day, you can pick from THC infused Twonkies, Swift Rolls, and Cherry Logs! Herbivores Edibles do not fall short in power and deliciousness. Supplying this fresh alternative as opposed to normal smoke sessions or dabbing on the move, Herbivores edibles provide clean and precisely dosed pastries, chocolate bars, popsicles, and tinctures that will truly expand your horizons on the powers of the marijuana plant.

Mary Jane just keeps on shape shifting through the years and in 2020 has found her way into some of the best edibles on the market with Herbivore. Hinting at the authenticity and positive humor of retro-inspired smoking options, Herbivore has honed in on their brand. Adding some fun to the mix will always brighten your spirits when you place a bag or two of Herbivores’ gummies or syrups on the table. Getting high is no longer just sitting in a Walmart parking lot after hours and packing a bowl. Weed has glowed up. There are quicker ways to get high with dabs and waxes, and there are more effective ways to experience that famous full-body, out of body stone with edibles. Herbivore cares about giving cannabis patients the ultimate encounter and quality usage of their THC products.

Fun candies like cotton candy edible fluffs for you and turkey jerky edible treats for your pet leave you and your furry family on cloud nine. Other edible brands carry a more serious undertone of ‘getting stone’ without the liveliness and entertainment element factored into an individual’s high experience. Herbivore transports you back to the 1990s with colors that pop and classic tastes that deliver! Consumers are going to fall in love with some of their favorite sweets that just happen to have a dash of the devil’s lettuce evenly infused throughout.

Trying any of the fantastically fun products from Herbivores’ edible lineup will be a wise weed choice. Have fun while expanding your top selection of edibles with Herbivores. Canada needs some enlightening moods during some trying times. Herbivore gives consumers a sense of security by presenting so many tasty options from chocolate to chewies, to desserts and syrups.

This much in-store is just the beginning of their innovative recipes for recreating some of the world’s favorite guilty pleasure snacks. Herbivore is here to really service the wonderful marijuana consumers of Canada. If there’s one thing to be noted about marijuana and is that weed will also prevail in some form or fashion. In Herbivore’s case, long live the edibles! Herbivore is here to stay.


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