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Moon rock ice materialized out of the longstanding, intimate relationship between cannabis culture and hip-hop — or, to be more precise, out of a mixtape project between former Death Row Records executive vice president-turned-marijuana mogul Kurupt (Ricardo E. Brown) and music artist Dr. Zodiak (Daniel Laughlin). Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak met in 2013. And quickly went from collaborating on a mixtape to launching the first line of branded marijuana moon rocks.

Since the advent of Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrocks, other brands and dispensaries have breached the stratosphere and launched their own lunar concoctions.  Moon rock ice are nugs of cannabis deep in hash extract mix with kief they are crystalline in nature. This explains while some people call it crystal moonrocks due to it texture.

Dr zodiac is the founder of this special amazing type of moon rocks weed,they are exotic and keep you super high as compared to kurupt or any other different type of moonrocks,they are rank between thc potency of 99%.Moonrock ice for sale online,buy moonrocks ice online


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Firstly, Thca crystalline was develope as a means of delivering large. Quantifiable doses of thc and is knows as the purest isolate anywhere on the market testing at 99-100%. Order moonrock ice online

This pure thca converts to thc when vaped and creates a clear and highly cerebral effect. Or remains non-psychoactive when ingested.Buy Moonrock ice online

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Moonrocks are not exactly a type of marijuana strain, but more of a cannabis experiment. Typically, they’re are nuggets of the marijuana strain  girl scout cookies dip in hash oil and then sprinkled with kief. Moonrock ice delivery

Also, if you’ve ever had an ice cream cone dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles, then you know exactly what moonrocks are all about. In fact, if you combine the consumption of moonrocks and ice cream cones, I’m sure it is simply delightful Buy Moonrock ice online


They are always call “cannabis caviar.” The two terms, think frequently interchangeable, do originally designate two distinct products. “Cannabis caviar” may refer to moon rocks, or it may just refer to nugs covered in cannabis oil. In other words, cannabis caviar must be cover in kief to be consider moon rocks. So if you’re looking to buy moon rocks at a dispensary and you hear your budtender talking about “caviar,” it’s always best to double-check and make sure you’re getting kief-cover moon rocks.

The terms caviar and moon rocks are sometimes use interchangeably. However, one technical difference exists between the two. Moon rocks are always a cannabis flower that’s been soak in concentrate and then coat in kief, while caviar may or may not include the kief. Essentially, all moon rocks can also be consider caviar, but caviar without kief is not consider a proper moon rock.



As you may have guess, moon rocks are usually a little higher price per gram or per eighth, or 3.5 grams, than your normal top-tier flower. A gram of moon rock weed averages between $25 and $35, and an eighth averages between $90 and $100.

The purest form of cannabis concentrate, this extract consists of a single type of cannabinoid, usually tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), or cannabidiol (CBD). Crystalline is form by thoroughly refining cannabis oil and serves as a base for formulate cannabis products. While possibly more potent, crystalline lacks the flavor of other Concentrates and some of the medicinal benefits due to its isolation from the original terpenes.

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