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What are SunRocks potency like compared to MoonRocks? Apparently, the best MoonRocks test at around 60 percent THC. That’s around the same percentage as weaker SunRocks. Sunrocks at cannabis health home test at over 80 percent THC.


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Sunrocks cannabis for sale in Cannabis Health Home. SunRocks is an update to MoonRocks, in which a bud is dipped in CO2 oil and then rolled in kief. Sunrocks and moon rocks

These buds are almost as powerful as dabs, with a lot more flavor and a stronger aroma. SunRocks, however, is a bit different.some particularly delicious rocks reportedly contain all OG products, from bud, to wax, to kief.

Is sunrocks good?

Strains sold as SunRocks do not look like MoonRocks, which are coated with what looks like a hardened layer of kief. From afar, it is difficult to tell these buds apart from any other. But, make no mistake, they are sticky and coated with top-shelf concentrate.

Up close, you can see plenty of amber goo leaking out from between calyxes.Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many samples of SunRocks out there yet. But, the buds are certainly developing a reputation for themselves. SunRocks are so sticky that they need to be broken up with the fingers or cut using a pair of scissors.

Never put SunRocks into a grinder, that would waste the kief and concentrate mixed into the bud, enjoy.

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MoonRocks versus SunRocks cannabis for sale.

For whatever length of time that buds, kief and oil are included, you got yourself a MoonRock. Any blend of those three will get you a MoonRock. It doesn’t make a difference if two distinct strains or textures of wax are utilized.

SunRocks make things a stride more remote than the moon.

At Big Tray Deee’s SunRocks, just top-rack OG nugzz and removes are utilized all the while. A nug run extricate is showered onto the nugzz before a kief covering is presented. The last item still resembles a nug from the separation. When you finish it or look into close, you’ll see the oil covering.

With MoonRocks, you may be getting an awful nug, covered up under awful wax and covered in the least expensive kief cash can purchase. The issue with that is you presumably wouldn’t know it until you get it. You’ll need to part one open and smoke it before you understand your cash could have been exceptional spent.
How to smoke sunrocks

It’s simpler to tell you’re getting quality before you even smoke with SunRocks. From the outset, each nug ought to shimmer.

How are SunRocks intensity contrasted with MoonRocks? Evidently, the best MoonRocks test at around 60 percent THC. That is around a similar rate as more fragile SunRocks. Large Tray Deee’s cases that their SunRocks test at more than 80 percent THC.

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